To excel in an executive position in the music industry that enables me to take advantage of my acquired skills.


Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
Thorough working knowledge of marketing, sales, music and media
Superior sales, customer care and marketing abilities
Excellent media contacts and professional knowledge of business
Literate in DOS, UNIX, Windows 95/98 computer operating systems
Semi-literate in MacIntosh environment
Proficient in HTML (hyper-text mark-up language) WWW page design and operations
Experienced with Corel WordPerfect Suite 7, QuattroPro, Presentations, Excel, Corel Perfect Office, Microsoft Office, Word, Publisher, Excel, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator programs
Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Explorer WWW Browsers


Executive Assistant/General Manager 1991 - Present
Nason, Lundberg & Associates, Inc. La Habra, CA

Implement and administer plans for Corporate Principals.
Perform research, write brochures, proposals, contracts, press releases, public statements, speeches and scripts for clients.
Responsible for day to day call center operations of company
Responsible for systems operations and maintenance
Administer marketing and fundraising strategies for non-profit, business and political clientele
Organize media events and maintained on-going press relations
Managed 100 seat out-bound call center

Self Employed 1990 - 1993
FYI Research & Information services Orange, CA

Started business to supplement my income while finishing my education.
Researched information from various public information resources for according to clients' needs.
Utilized online resources as well as local, state and federal facilities

Account Executive 1989 - 1990
Nexxus Products Company Irvine, CA

Managed and maintained over 100 accounts at a 10 percent growth rate.
Coordinated regional seminars for clients relating to the product line
Acted as product line instructor to new accounts.

California Army National Guard, Long Beach, CA 1990 - 1994
Platoon Leader
Honorable Discharge

United States Navy, San Diego, CA 1985-1989
Petty Officer- Second Class
Honorable Discharge
Search and rescue swimmer/diver, operations specialist
Graduated many military-related schools courses with honors
Completed two Western Pacific tours of duty
Trusty Shellback

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